Notice #19435

Uniconta Server User

Due to the change in Uniconta Server User, there are now errors with the "Book" functionality for InvJournals and GLJournals.

We have reported the error directly to Uniconta, and will solve the issue as soon as possible.

Uniconta has now inforced the usage of Server Users in order to connect to Uniconta via API / REST API.

If you are using a normal user, you will have errors through our solutions. Therefore we recommend that you get in contact with your Uniconta Partner, and request a Server User for your Uniconta setup.

  • Uniconta REST API Gateway

    Our Uniconta REST API gateway runs on Azure, to keep our service fully loaded with all the power you need.

  • Wedoio - front

    This is where you will send and receive your requests to Uniconta.

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